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The United Kingdom is among the top three countries worldwide in terms of prestigious universities, as its degrees have gained global recognition for many years. The UK’s multicultural vibrant atmosphere, internationally renowned educational institutions, and strong commitment to academic excellence make it a top study destination for Indian students. If you are considering pursuing your studies, look no further than Team Influencer , where our team of Study UK consultants will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process.

Why Study in UK?

Every year, numerous international students are admitted to UK universities with the aspiration of studying in prestigious institutions. This has significantly increased the popularity of pursuing education in the UK among Indian students .A UK degree can enhance career prospects, both in India and internationally. UK qualifications are highly valued by employers worldwide, giving Indian students a competitive edge in the job market. Being one of the industry leaders, UK supports students with various scholarship programs, high tech professional degrees, cutting edge research opportunities and many more.

  • Independent learning & hands on experience
  • Study in world’s oldest and most prestigious universities
  • Over 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses available across various disciplines
  • Wide range of scholarships and funding opportunities
  • Post study work visa limit upto two years

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    Cost of Study in UK for Indian Students

    Studying in the United Kingdom (UK) has been a popular choice for Indian students seeking quality education and international exposure. However, one crucial aspect that students must consider before embarking on their educational journey is the cost of studying in the UK. The expenses involved in pursuing various courses can vary significantly, encompassing tuition fees as well as living expenses. We’ve listed down some popular courses with estimate tuition fees

    Programs Approximately Tuition fees ( INR )
    UG 10 Lakhs- 20 Lakhs
    PG 12 Lakhs -25 Lakhs
    Diploma 5 Lakhs- 10 Lakhs
    phD 10 Lakhs- 30 Lakhs
    MBA 20 Lakhs- 40 Lakhs
    MS 15 Lakhs-35 Lakhs

    Scholarships available to Study in UK

    Here are some scholarships available for Indian students to study in the USA:

    Sl no Scholarship Name Description
    1 Commonwealth Scholarship Fully-funded scholarships for Indian students to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK.
    2 Chevening Scholarship Financial support for outstanding Indian students to study a master’s degree in any subject in the UK.
    3 GREAT Scholarships Multiple scholarships for Indian students across various disciplines to study at participating UK universities.
    4 Cardiff University India Scholarships Scholarships for Indian students applying to undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Cardiff University.
    5 Felix Scholarships Scholarships for Indian students to pursue postgraduate studies in any field at the University of Oxford, University of Reading, or SOAS, University of London.
    6 University of Birmingham India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Scholarships for academically outstanding Indian students to study at the University of Birmingham.

    Top Courses to Study in UK

    We’ve listed down some popular courses to study in UK based on the growing job market globally for specific fields.

    Top Universities for Indian Students to Study in UK

    Here are some top universities in the UK that are popular among Indian students:

    • University of Oxford
    • University of Cambridge
    • Imperial College London
    • University College London (UCL)
    • University of Manchester
    • King’s College London
    • University of Birmingham
    • London School of Economics

    How Team Influencers Help you to study in UK?

    Influencers is a team of overseas education consultants who can assist you in fulfilling your aspirations of gaining admission to your desired university for higher studies in UK. From entrance exam preparation and university selection to student visa assistance , we guide you throughout the process. Connect with us now for detailed information.

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

    Firstly, you have to do your research about which course & university you’re interested in, then you have to check their requirements ( Which entrance exam tests score they want, the tuition fees ) and then complete the application form provided by the university.

    Most UK universities require international students to demonstrate their English language proficiency by taking English language test, such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. The specific score requirements may vary depending on the university and program you’re applying to.

    Tuition fees vary depending on the university, course, and level of study. On average, tution fees vary between Β£8,000-Β£35000 every year. Living costs also vary by location, but an approximate range is between Β£5,000 and Β£15,000 annually.

    Yes, a lot of UK colleges provide financial aid and scholarships for international students. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or tailored to particular academic disciplines.

    Yes, as an international student studying at a recognized institution, you are generally allowed to work part-time during term-time (up to 20 hours per week) and full-time during holidays.

    After completing your studies, you may be eligible to stay in the UK and work through various visa routes. The duration will depend on the visa category and specific circumstances & mostly its upto 2-3 years.