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Team Influencers offers various customized study abroad counselling services. This consists of honest advice, based on the client’s requirements and aspirations. We assist in the gamut of services that make up the admission process from university selection, application strategy and editing, interview preparation to visa counselling.

β€œThe Influencers” Counseling Program

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Overseas Educational Consultants.

Our 7 step study abroad counselling program is well researched, simplified, personalized as per the student and focused on your success.

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To help you choose your course

    Career Guidance/Profiling

    We review your career and course choices and give recommendations. Depending on the timeline we suggest profile enhancement steps and help you follow through.

    University Selection

    Perhaps the most crucial step in the whole process. Team Influencers take pride in providing just the right set of universities for their students.


    Each document is unique and has a separate implication and weight age in the eyes of the admission committee.We provide you with a clear explanation of application documents required.


    An extremely crucial part of the process as it involves brainstorming ideas,editing the drafts provided by the student and fine-tuning of all written documents required, etc.

    Application Assistance

    The process of applying is time-consuming and prone to errors. Team Influencers is there to spot any gaps in your application and to ease your application process.

    Interview Preparation

    The interview process by foreign universities is gruelling and exciting at the same time and are meant to assess and evaluate the students’ aspirations. We coach you to ace these interviews.

    Visa Assistance

    Team Influencers helps the student avoid any hassles by guiding at every step from visa filing and documentation to visa interview preparation and pre-departure briefings.