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Choosing the right career path is a pivotal decision that can shape the course of your future. This is where career counselling steps in as a guiding light, helping you navigate through the maze of options and discover the path that aligns with your interests, skills, and aspirations. In bustling metropolises like Delhi, where opportunities abound, accessing expert guidance becomes even more crucial. Let’s delve into why career counselling after 12th is indispensable and explore the role of Influencers Edu as one of the best career counsellor in Delhi.

Why do you need Career Counselling After 12th?

What will you be pursuing after your 12th board?

Should you be enrolling yourself for some courses after the 12th? Should you be choosing a different career path altogether, after the 12th?

These are a few questions that cross the minds of students when they reach their first milestone of the 10th board examination.

And if you are thinking you are the only one, that’s just not true. The above-mentioned questions are simply some of the common questions that nearly all students ask.

Some of you may have thought about what you want to study or do and are already working to make your dreams come true. But sometimes, you too may feel confused or have some fears which can be addressed promptly.

This is also especially for those who still have confusion. And even if you have chalked out a plan, there could still be some worries.

For instance, you want to be a doctor but do you know that almost more than 7.7 lakh of over 13.66 lakh candidates qualify NEET, the exam taken to secure admission to MBBS courses in our country?

There are 1,18,316 MBBS & BDS seats available in India of which, approximately 80 thousand are MBBS seats, including only 41,388 government ones.

Isn’t that a tough competition? Should you then consider engineering or some other course? This is one hypothetical crisis that only the best career counsellor in Delhi can help tackle.

In this article, we will give you more insights on the importance of career counselling, especially after the 12th standard.

5 Main Benefits Of Career Counselling In Delhi After 12th

We are regularly asked about are the advantages a student may be able to achieve from career counseling. We usually receive questions from students trying to choose their subjects or making initial career choices or thinking of a career change.

We have therefore listed five benefits you can typically get from career counselling in Delhi after your 12th board.

We help you know yourself better: We help you match your strengths, skills, and abilities with appropriate education and career options with the help of assessment tools that show you the direction that plays to your interests

We assist you in shortlisting institutions and with the application process

Our experienced team boasts the best career consultants in Delhi who take pride in shortlisting courses and helping you find the ideal list of universities for you.

We even go a step further to ensure that all applications are filled the right way within the deadline and review all application documents thoroughly.

We help identify the right option

One of the things that only the best career consultants in Delhi can help you with is identifying one or more fields of work that matches your skills, strengths, and abilities – for eg. nursing or working with dogs.

We offer regular and on-demand support

We have a team of the best career counsellors in Delhi who are available round the clock. You can simply raise your queries related to career or application procedures on chat and they will share feasible options, suggestions, and guidance.

We offer one-on-one counselling sessions

Yes, you get to sit with trained career counselors who will walk you through a detailed session. They give you an understanding of the most appropriate career options along with their recommendations for the top colleges.

Who Is Eligible For Career Counselling In Delhi After 12th?

Any student who is eager to explore career options are after 12th standard can opt for career guidance. If you have doubts or feel that your knowledge base is not enough for you to take the decision in choosing a stream, then our expert career counsellors can help.

Our career counselling services are, so far, one of the best in the country and are most favoured by young students. If you are looking for career counselling in Delhi after 12th, all you need to do is just register here and we will connect you with the best career consultants in Delhi.

Influencers Edu: Top Career Counsellor in Delhi

Amidst the bustling streets and thriving culture of Delhi, one name stands out in the realm of career counselling – Influencers Edu. With a proven track record of guiding countless students towards fulfilling careers, Influencers Edu has earned a reputation as one of the top career counsellors in the city. What sets them apart is their personalized approach and commitment to nurturing each student’s potential.

At Influencers Edu, the journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of the student’s interests, aptitudes, and personality traits. This initial evaluation serves as the foundation for crafting a customized career plan tailored to the student’s unique strengths and aspirations. Whether it’s exploring traditional career paths or emerging fields, the team at Influencers Edu leaves no stone unturned in uncovering the best-suited options for their clients.

Why Choose Us

We offer tailor-made career guidance and counselling services to students based on their individual needs and wants. Starting from technology-aided information access to human-led career counselling, our offerings encompass college applications, scholarship guidance too.

Concluding Thoughts

Want to fulfil your dreams by studying what you always aspired to? Then, take the first step towards success with us. We can get you in touch with the best career consultant in Delhi. All you need to do is, give us a call here. Our experts will get in touch with you.