Canada One Of the “Safe and Stable” Countries for Foreign Students [Survey]

  • Canada One Of the “Safe and Stable” Countries for Foreign Students [Survey]

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    • Posted Date December 31, 2020


According to a recent survey, Canada is one of the top countries said to be “safe and stable” for foreign students. The nation has improved its position further as the “go-to” academic destination.

This is mainly due to its proper handling of the recent global pandemic. The data is according to two separate surveys by Navitas Insights.

Additionally, the survey also suggests that it may not be necessary for a “safe and stable” nation to be “open and welcoming” at the same time. Nonetheless, Canada is one of those few countries that is both.

Canada has come up with some steps that will let foreign students travel to their favorite destination. Students who want to go to Canada should be attending a university or a college that has acquired its Covid-19 readiness plan approval.

The approval should be from the provincial government where the institution is located. However, the origin of the student does not matter.

The first survey was in May 2020. The survey results stated that Canada was ahead of many other countries, alongside Australia and New Zealand.

The second survey was in September 2020. It showed Canada’s improvement in its overall position since May. However, it was now competing with the UK for the first spot instead of Australia and New Zealand.

How to Acquire a Study Permit in Canada?

  1. If you wish to study in Canada, then you need to choose a suitable Designated Learning Institution (DLI) for yourself. This is where you will study your favorite program.
  2. After you successfully apply for your desired program, your DLI will send you a letter of acceptance.
  3. Once you receive the letter of acceptance, you need to submit an application to the IRCC. This will be in order to receive your study permit.

If you want, you may also include the names of your family members. This will help them join you on your way to Canada. Your spouse will be able to acquire an open work permit. This will allow the person to work for any employer in Canada while you complete your education.

You will require the letter of acceptance from your DLI to submit your application. You also need to prove that you are financially capable to pay for your own tuition for the first year. You need to confirm with sufficient proof that you are free from any criminal record and also enjoy good health.

If the chosen DLI falls within Quebec, you will need to acquire Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) or Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

More Canadian Universities Permitted To Accept Foreign Students

The list of approved DLIs has been updated recently by Canada. These DLIs are allowed to accept foreign students during the recent pandemic.

Canada had come up with travel restrictions on unnecessary travel to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Initially, travel restrictions included new foreign students. Those with an approval issued on or before March 18, 2020, or a study permit were permitted to enter Canada.

The nation has recently eased its travel restrictions to some extent. Now, they allow more global students to enter Canada to pursue further education.

Academic institutions that wish to enlist themselves, need to have a valid Covid-19 readiness plan. This plan should be approved by their territorial or provincial government.

Students enrolled in these approved DLIs are automatically exempt from the travel restrictions of the country. It is also likely that they will be allowed to enter Canada by a border official.

Several academic institutions in Ontario have been added. These include Ryerson University, University of Waterloo, University of Windsor, and OCAD University.

Every person entering Canada will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days after arrival. This includes foreign students as well and it is by Canadian law. Failure to quarantine yourself will result in heavy fines.

Air travelers to Canada have to install the ArriveCAN mobile app. Flyers need to submit their contact and travel details, along with their quarantine plans and a daily Covid-19 symptom assessment.

The quarantine plan should include the place where you wish to quarantine yourself. It should also include your plans as to how you wish to obtain important items, like medicines and groceries.

Reduction in Foreign Student Enrollment

Several universities in Canada have witnessed a rise in domestic enrollment. This includes universities in BC and Ontario. At the same time, they saw a drop in international enrollment.

This finding is as per a study conducted by CourseCompare. It is a platform that helps to connect training programs and courses.

However, not every university witnessed a similar trend. There are some exceptions to this finding, such as UBC Okanagan. It saw a 9% increase in foreign undergraduate enrollment.

The study also said that there has been a 9% drop in foreign enrollment across several Canadian academic institutions. This data is as per official figures of more than 50 institutions.

There is one possible explanation for this. Some several Canadian universities and colleges are planning to extend their online education into the forthcoming semester.

Some students may be reluctant to enroll until classes get back to being on-campus. This is especially with foreign students who pay higher tuition fees.

Additionally, several students are enrolled in practical hands-on programs. These include nursing, acting, and lab-dependent programs, like film production and electrical engineering.

Such programs are negatively impacted as students have to face challenges while presenting courses online. As an alternative, students can present the courses on-campus keeping social distancing protocols. In some cases, the courses can be suspended completely.

Talking about domestic students, various colleges and universities in different provinces, such as Quebec, Ontario, BC, and Atlantic Canada witnessed a rise in enrollment. Most of these students are adult learners. This may be due to higher unemployment levels.

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